Alton Gray Clothing

Alton Gray Clothing is a sought after brand and sold at popular retailers such as Saks 5th avenue and Holt Renfrew. We are pleased to say that we have uncovered a niche market in women's clothing and created this whimsical yet sophisticated brand.

Alton Gray clothing designs for the modern woman who is current and fashion savvy.  Her styling is classic with a twist, timeless in its inspiration and innovative in its approach.

The collection integrates an ageless woman who is looking to be updated yet sophisticated. Our brand offers a collection of wardrobe staples that easily transition from workday to evening. It has incorporated this understanding of modern life into its core philosophy.  In today’s world, function and fashion must go hand-in-hand.

Thus, the brand continues to create standout pieces that are effortlessly incorporated into any consumer’s closet –without ever sacrificing quality and durability.